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High-way Group is a leading provider of end-to-end biometrics solutions and IT services. Based in Israel, High-way Group IT expertise and highly skilled personnel enables the group to offer customers a reliable, dependable and value-added service. High-way Group portfolio of services and solutions includes biometric solutons, biometric systems integration, software and application development, consulting and quality assurance.

High-Way Group is providing her customers with ‘A to Z’ services, and take care of every need, including design, storage, maintenance, and tech support for the client. 

High-Way Group is providing integration services for 3rd party API,SDK and hardware including : Biometric solutions, Military equipment and high-end surveillance equipment.

High-Way Group professionals are using the latest technology out there to support the current and future changes of technology. We develop for WEB , Android , IOS , Linux, Windows and more using technology's such as openCV , WebGL and other high-end technologies. 

Biometric Authentication
Mobile Development
Web Development
Social Platform
Motion Detection
C# Development
Consulting Services
Outsourcing Services
Team Memegment 
IOS Development 
Android Development
Fingerprint Integration
Voice Recognition
Social Apps
Advanced IT
High-way group is providing development services and biometric integration for clients around the world. Several start-ups have choosen High-way group development teams as their outsource mobile development unit, working under our clients branding name we provide excellent solutions and proffessional services in the mobile and web world of development. Providing A-Z solutions to our customers is our goal and making it ready for yesterday. IOS apps , Android apps name it we have done it. 

BIometric SDK
Biometric API's 
BIometric solutions
Fingerprint Readers
Mobile API's
Visual Studio 2012
3rd Party integration
Face Detection
Web Platforms


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High-Way Group Ltd Is approacing the hotels and leuisere industry intrducing "Biometric Hotel" solution.

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